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Spherical panorama of Gelderseplein in Rotterdam, featuring the White House, the reconstructed Wijnhavenhouses, the Old Harbour with the Cube dwellings and more

Gelderseplein Rotterdam: Another Spherical Panorama

Gelderseplein (Gelderland Square) is a new square in the center of Rotterdam, on a site that lay vacant for years after the construction of the railway tunnel. Around it we find a diverse catalog of architectural styles. Most prominent is the White House, which was the tallest skyscraper in Europe after completion in 1898, but criticized by many as “too American”; the building survived the 1940 bombing but was nearly demolished in the seventies for the construction of a huge roundabout that fortunately never came. Next to the White House there’s a row of eighteenth century buildings that was stored...

Spherical panorama, composed from 24 photographs, stitched together and mapped to a sphere in Photoshop, of the market square and town hall in Gouda, the Netherlands

Spherical Panoramas: How to Make a Little Planet

Only eight months ago I made my first spherical panorama, of the Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam. These days I even make them in commission. Time for a little tutorial. The Big Picture The great thing about spherical panoramas is that give an overal view: they show a place in one single glance, unlike tradional widescreen panoramas where you have to pan with your eyes from left to right and back to see the whole picture. And unlike reality where you have to turn around 360 degrees to see everything. You don’t need advanced photographic equipment to make these panorama’s. Many mobile...

Computer generated sketch of an ear of corn on a woodstrip floor

Ear of Corn on a Woodstrip Floor

The past two weeks I was in Orsennes, France, to do volunteerwork at Sadhaka, a small organization that offers yoga and creative holidays in and around a converted watermill. It was good to be away from internet, phone and other things that make life pleasant but sometimes also rather complicated. Besides working in the kitchen, the garden and the henhouse there was also time to take pencil, marker pen, brush or pastel and to be inspired by the abundance of flowers and plants around the Moulin: Photoshop But no matter how fun and useful it is to work with traditional...

Images of Gouda cheese combined with sketches of houses and town hall at Gouda's market square, as part of a proposal for a Welcome Wall near the railway station

A City of Cheese

The City Marketing board of Gouda (yes, home of the famous cheese) recently organized a design competition for a Welcome Wall, composed of canvases with a height of 4 meters and a total length of 63 meters. The structure is going to beautify a windowless wall next to the station, and should, according the contest conditions, evoke a warm and positive image of the city. Cheese and history Typical Gouda themes like cheese and cultural history should find their way into the design. I took that last condition quite literally by combining images of all types of Gouda cheese with...

Paintified close-up of the Calypso building in Rotterdam by William Alsop as seen from Westersingel

Paintified Calypso

My exhibition, in March and April at the Nivon-building in Rotterdam, was quite successful. Especially the paintification appeared to be rather popular: photographed of Rotterdam buildings, edited into paintings. No, not by pushing the watercolor button, it’s not that simple. A wide variety of Photoshop filters, layers and adjustments are involved. I might eleborate in more detail some day. Feyenoord colors Their success is a good reason to make more paintifications. I want to produce larger canvases and also create series of works that belong together. Here is an example of the latter idea: a triptych dedicated to the Calypso...

Giant Virtual Easter egg on Noordereiland in Rotterdam, with Erasmus Bridge, Kop van Zuid and De Rotterdam in the background

Happy Easter Egg

How to make an egg? A rather strange question, for which you only need an answer if on Holy Saturday you suddenly get an idea for yet another virtual sculpture, after the Five and the Silver Elephant. How to make an egg You don’t need any advanced 3d modelling to create an egg, but still it has a slightly more complex shape than you might think. An egg is not an ellipse but a combination of different curvatures. Here I found a clear guide to construct it from a pentagon shape. At least the result looks like an egg. The...

The Silver Elephant of Rotterdam, a proposal for a sculpture on the square in front of Rotterdam central station, the location of the former Zoo

The Silver Elephant of Rotterdam

The old station square of Rotterdam was chaotic and packed with trams, buses and taxis. But now that those are neatly relocated to the side entrances of the station there are people who feel that the new square is too empty and that it needs a statue. A proposal to move The Destroyed City, the famous sculpture by Ossip Zadkine, provoked a lot of discussions. The main argument against moving it is, in my opinion, that it is currently in the middle of the area destroyed in the 1940 bombing, while the location of the station square is just outside...

Photo of two layers of pre-shattered glass, edited in Photoshop

The Beauty of Pre-Shattered Glass

What do we see here? I could tell you that these are two layers of pre-shattered glass and that I have placed a photo of the first layer over a photo of the second layer in Photoshop with the blending mode “difference”. But that probably doesn’t mean a lot to most blog readers. So let’s just conclude that the final result is a fascinating pattern.

Fragment van een verschilderde foto gemaakt op de veertiende verdieping van de Rotterdam met de Rijnhaven, Katendrecht, Wilhelminapier, Nieuwe Maas and Scheepvaartkwartier

View of Rotterdam, from De Rotterdam

A few weeks ago I was visiting friends who are living in De Rotterdam. In the late nineties, employed at OMA, I’ve been working on the design of that building. Now, fifteen years later, it’s finally finished and it draws the attention of the world. Manual focus The view was, even on the fourteenth floor, not even halfway to the top, allready pretty overwhelming. Of course I had brought my camera. I had just forgotten that my lens was still on manual focus. And then of course I should do some manual focussing. As a result the panoramic image I...

Tubular panorama made on the quay near cafe Prachtig in Rotterdam, showing the Maas river and the Earsmusbridge

Tubular Panorama of Erasmus Bridge

This picture is, like the spherical panorama of the Schouwburgplein, composed of about ten photographs, taken from a single point: the quayside near cafe Prachtig. But in this case the resulting image is not transformed into a sphere, but into the opposite. You could call it a hollow or tubular panorama, I guess. Read also the tutorial I wrote about the making of spherical panoramas