Modified Mars Revisited

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2 Responses

  1. Always interested in perspectives on terraforming Mars. That said, I’ve often wondered, aside from the base fascination of being able to undertake such a gargantuan endeavor, what would the end result be? For decades, if not centuries, it would be like living at the Arctic for the early settlers. It’ll be a long time before there are conveniences. Also, something that not many people think of is exactly who will the powerbrokers be who settle Mars? Doubtful it will be America, as we will share with China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and many other emerging markets who will fund such endeavors. Also, what religion will take on Mars? If you were ever so interested, this was the theme of my novel, “Earthrise.” If you like reading thought-provoking sci-fi, I’d love to get your opinion of the way I portray science in my fiction.

  2. Frans Blok says:

    Those are of course interesting questions to which we, fortunately, have quite some time to find the answer. Regarding your comment of “living in the Arctic”, I sometimes like to see Mars in the early stages of terraforming as a kind of planetary Iceland, a place where nature is dominant and humans with some struggle and a little help from technology can manage to survive, a place that’s not exactly comfortable, but breathtakingly fascinating and beautiful.

    And the powerbrokers will hopefully be a cooperation of all nations on Earth, because terraforming Mars is such an enormous endeavour that it’s hard to imagine one country doing it on their own. But maybe I’m too optimistic; I’ll be glad if at least they won’t start fighting about it….

    Thanks for your reply; I will place “Earthrise” on my to-read list.

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