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Spherical panorama, composed from 24 photographs, stitched together and mapped to a sphere in Photoshop, of the market square and town hall in Gouda, the Netherlands

Spherical Panoramas: How to Make a Little Planet

Only eight months ago I made my first spherical panorama, of the Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam. These days I even make them in commission. Time for a little tutorial. The Big Picture The great thing about spherical panoramas is that give an overal view: they show a place in one single glance, unlike tradional widescreen panoramas where you have to pan with your eyes from left to right and back to see the whole picture. And unlike reality where you have to turn around 360 degrees to see everything. You don’t need advanced photographic equipment to make these panorama’s. Many mobile...

Photo of the multi-colored and rather varied architecture of Bristol, England, with the Floating Harbour in the foreground

Colors of the City

Because of my ten-day tour through England, work on blog, twitter and other websites has somewhat stalled during the last weeks. Sometimes it is good to take some distance to all those social media. But during such a trip, I can not help looking with an architect’s eye at the things around me. Like at the colors and materials that are characteristic of certain cities. St.Ives, for example, a popular tourist destination in Cornwall, is almost entirely built with just three materials. Brownish stone, white plaster and gray (sometimes turned greenish) slate, used quite randomly. That results in a pleasantly...