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Photo of Korendijk Wetlands, the Netherlands, showing the sun rise above the banks of Haringvliet estuary

Four Rewards for an Early Rise on Easter Morning

Getting up in the middle of the night is not something I like to do and I suppose a large part of the population has similar feelings. But for a landscape photographer the sunrise often provides the best opportunities for making beautiful pictures, so sometimes it is wise to set aside principles and put the alarm at six o’clock. On Easter Sunday 2015, we were very royally rewarded for that bravery. The aim of the expedition were the Korendijk wetlands, a nature reserve on the island of Hoekse Waard, near Rotterdam. A large part of the area is only accessible...

Giant Virtual Easter egg on Noordereiland in Rotterdam, with Erasmus Bridge, Kop van Zuid and De Rotterdam in the background

Happy Easter Egg

How to make an egg? A rather strange question, for which you only need an answer if on Holy Saturday you suddenly get an idea for yet another virtual sculpture, after the Five and the Silver Elephant. How to make an egg You don’t need any advanced 3d modelling to create an egg, but still it has a slightly more complex shape than you might think. An egg is not an ellipse but a combination of different curvatures. Here I found a clear guide to construct it from a pentagon shape. At least the result looks like an egg. The...