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NASA's indestructible Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity, still going strong after two hundred years, driving around on the terraformed former Red Planet

Opportunity’s Bicentennial

More than eleven years ago, on January 25, 2004, Opportunity, NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover, landed in Meridiani Planum. An identical rover, Spirit, landed three weeks earlier, on the other side of Mars. Both vehicles were expected to remain active for 90 Martian days, more or less equal to three months on Earth. The Martian climate would claim its toll, or so the mission planners feared. Although on Mars the sun shines more than six hundred days a year, the dust storms and large daily temperature differences would surely leave their mark. Indestructible Oppy But the rovers appeared to be more...

Orbital image of a terraformed Mars with the Northern ocean and the North Pole, Valles Marineris, Kasei Vallis, Arabia Terra and the Tharsis highlands, against a background of stars

Modified Mars Revisited

A few weeks ago I received an email from someone who asked my permission to use Modified Mars as a setting for a novel. Modified Mars is a project that I conceived eight years ago, and it’s about terraforming the world currently known as the Red Planet. Another Earth A brief explanation for those who rarely or never read science fiction: terraforming (literally earth formation) is the alteration of a planet in such a way that Earth organisms, including humans, can thrive there. Terraformers are especially interested in Mars for several reasons: the planet is not too big, not too...

One hundred pioneers on an epic journey to a new world; still from a fake trailer for the film adaptation of Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars

Soundtrack for the Mars Trilogy

A still picture doesn’t need any music to go with it but it’s very boring to watch moving images without sound. For that reason, almost everyone who puts movies on YouTube adds music to it, paid or not. At youTube they got a little tired of all the complaints about illegal use of music, which is why they started offering music for free. One hundred pioneers The service has been around for over half a year, but I only found out this week. I immediately made ​​a new version of my trailer for Red Mars, the once to be made...

Hebes Chasma, in the early stages of terraforming. rendered in Terragen, with NASA's indestructible rover Opportunity

Terraforming for Beginners

Terragen is software for generating landscapes. Landscapes on Earth but just as easily on other worlds, as is shown for example by Kees Veenenbos. Years ago I loaded some elevation data from NASA’s Mars Orbital Laser Altimeter into Terragen and I did some experimenting. There is a new version of the program now, which was a good reason to take those old terrain data off the shelf again. Rocks and grass There is much more possible with Terragen, these days. In the old days only aerial views could be made somewhat realistic but nowadays you can add rocks, grass clumps,...

Ares, the spaceship from Kim Stanley Robinson's novel Red Mars in orbit around the Red Planet.

Red Mars – the Movie

Now that I’ve made that 3d model of the Ares, and now that I have my own YouTube channel, the logical next step is to make an animation showing the arrival of the spacecraft in Mars orbit. The clip makes it clear how the spaceship rotates around its own axis to generate gravity. I stand in good company because James Cameron, director of Titanic and Avatar, among others, once had plans to adapt Red Mars to screen. That movie was, unfortunately, never made; for my own film there is now at least a 45 seconds trailer.

Ares, the spaceship from Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars, with the red Planet in the star spangled background

The Ares by Kim Stanley Robinson: a Sustainable Spaceship

Nothing is as good for your spatial understanding as building a 3d model of a spaceship. This is a reconstruction of the Ares from Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Mars, based on the descriptions by Robinson and on the original cover illustration by Don Dixon (which contradict each other at some points). Sustainability The Ares was an early example of sustainable shipbuilding: Robinson, who wrote the book in the early nineties, imagined the Ares being composed of recycled space shuttle tanks. American tanks, recognizable from their brown foam insulation, in the outer ring, and Russian tanks for the central axis. The...