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Artist impression of the High Line Baan, a park on the roof of Lijnbaan shopping center in Rotterdam

From Tweet to Rooftop Park: the High Line Baan

It started with a tweet. At 11 July, I placed a photo on my Twitter account, made during the Rotterdam Rooftop Days. It showed the city’s main shopping street, Lijnbaan, seen in southern direction from one of the adjacent apartment buidings. A remarkable strip of low-rise buildings in a city that’s proud to be the Netherlands’ highrise capital. With a roofscape of chimneys, roof lights and machinery, which you might call interesting, but certainly not pretty. I added: it should be possible to turn those roofs into a nice park. Several fellow Twitter users responded in agreement. @Amsterdirk suggested a...

Photo of a chestnut tree near Lijnbaan in the center of Rotterdam, made beginning of May, when the tree is in full leaf

My Favourite Tree – a Springtime Animation

My favorite tree is a chestnut in the park in front of my apartment at the Lijnbaan in downtown Rotterdam. Every spring I am amazed about the speed with which nature operates. Within a few weeks time a metamorphosis takes place: the barren tree gets buds, leaves and a short time later flowers which then also pretty quickly disappear. Last year, during the months of March, April and May, I took a photo every day at nine a.m. from the walkway in front of my appartment on the sixth floor. In a perfect situation I’d use a weathertight protected fixed...

Image of the Rotterdam Skyline on exhibition in the Lijnbaan Gallery on 3Develop premises, with in the background the real Rotterdam Skyline

Lijnbaan Gallery

In Dutch, the word for gallery is almost the same as the name for the walkway that connects the apartments in a highrise building. I had to do something with that coincidence. Added to that, I suddenly became aware of a curious contradiction: I am active on at least seven social media, but my home was not exactly recognizable as a stronghold of creativity. Time to make 3Develop more visible in the real world. I made a representative selection of my work and had it printed on canvas. I only had to conceive a smart, low-budget exhibition system and clean...