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Two different Manfrotto mini tripods on a lawn with daisies

The Manfrotto Brothers on tour

Three years ago I bought a mini tripod for about twenty euros: the Manfrotto Pixi. A very useful investment, because I have since then used this tripod thousands of times. In the blue hours, when taking HDR photos and sometimes in broad daylight, because even then it often improves the sharpness of the photos. Due to its compactness, such a small tripod is extremely stable. In fact, there could only be one reason to use a larger tripod, and that is if you want a higher position than a few inches above ground level. But even then there are often...

The Miniworld or Madurodam effect on a photo of Rotterdam Central Station featuring a yellow bleu Dutch Railways train

The Miniworld Effect

There are so many features on a modern camera that many of them are hardly used by most people. For example, on my Nikon d5100 (but many other cameras have something similar) there is a setting called miniature effect. Since I bought the camera five years ago, I have not given this feature much attention. But a couple of weeks ago I started experimenting with it. And I discovered that, with the right choice of subjects, it can produce some interesting results. Madurodam or Miniworld The miniature effect, as the name suggests, creates the illusion that we are looking at...