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Impression of Dudok's Bijenkorf department store and windmill de Noord possibly reconstructed in Miniworld Rotterdam

The Windmill Will be Reconstructed! But not on Oostplein

Well over a year ago I made a visualization of the reconstruction of the windmill on Oostplein in Rotterdam. A brief summary: the mill survived the bombing of 1940 but burned down in 1954; plans for rebuilding were voted down by the City Council because the windmill was standing in the way of progress. Since then, Oostplein has been the most desolate square of the country, or at least of Rotterdam. Reconstruction of the windmill would be a way to give the place some of its former allure again. Guerrilla marketing A guerrilla marketing campaign that I did together with Gyz...

Future plan of Oostplein in Rotterdam, including reconstruction of windmill De Noord and greening of the public space

The Return of the Windmill, part 2

Half a year ago I made an artist impression of windmill De Noord, reconstructed at the Oostplein in Rotterdam. That action remained not completely unnoticed; it’s time for an update. Together with Gyz la Riviere, whose film Rotterdam 2040 inspired me to create the visualization, I launched a campaign to raise awareness of the possibility of rebuilding the windmill. We had 2000 postcards printed, which we distributed in local bars, restaurants and other places: Polictics and media Also the mayor and aldermen, political parties and the media received a copy. The AD/Rotterdams Dagblad published an article which evoked enthusiastic responses...

Artist impression of Windmill De Noord, reconstructed on the refurbished and greened Oostplein in Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Oostplein: Return of the Windmill

A few weeks ago I saw on Vimeo the movie Rotterdam 2040, created by Gyz la Riviere. Highly recommended: the film is full of archival footage of Rotterdam in various eras. The film also makes you think about the typical Rotterdam tendency to constantly demolish historic buildings for the sake of progress, or for other reasons. Of course, the German Air Force in 1940 had a disproportionate share of the demolition. But you would expect that people would be more careful with what was left, precisely because of that bombing. But the opposite happened. Many buildings that could have been...