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Artist impression of St.Mary's church in Watford, looking from the west entrance towards the main church hall and the chancel area

Return to Watford – more impressions of St.Mary’s

In February I was Watford, England for a week to visualize the planned renovation of St. Mary’s church. I wrote this blog article about it. Convinced Those images, of the chancel area of the church, were primarily intended to convince the monument committee, which has now reacted positively to the plans. The church council was pleased with my pictures and they asked me to come back to also to visualize the plans for the main body of the church. And so I got back on the train to the UK. Meeting place The main change in the nave of the...

Interieur image St.Mary's church in Watford, showing the alternative with a stone floor, looking towards the chancel

Working in Watford

The past one and a half week I’ve been in Watford, England, to provide my services to the design for the re-order of St. Mary’s Church. I previously wrote about this beautiful eight hundred year old church building, built with the typical flintstone that can be seen often in this region: The church’s interior is beautiful too, but also a bit impractical and not very flexible to use. For some time, there have been plans to make the church more accessible and welcoming. Now it looks like that is finally going to happen. Re-ordering the chancel My work was mostly...

Phto of the interior of St.Mary's Church in Watford in the current situation with pews and carpet

Refurbishing St. Mary’s Church

St. Mary’s Church in Watford, near London, is a magnificent eight hundred year old building, like there are quite a few to be found in England. But at some points the church does not entirely satisfy the requirements which the congregation has in these times: a building that offers the necessary flexibility and gives visitors a welcoming feeling. Also the extension from the 1970’s is not to everybody’s liking. From the outside it does not show that this annex was built more than seven and a half centuries later than the main building; on the inside, however, it lacks any...