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Detail of a knitting pattern of the Rotterdam skyline

The Rotterdam Skyline Knitting Pattern

3Develop, the reliable source for all your knitting patterns … I have the feeling that a lot of my blog posts start with “… is not 3Develop’s core business, but …”. This is that kind of posts again. Graphic skyline It is yet another spin-off of my Rotterdam skyline project. I made this graphic portrayal of the city’s skyline a few years ago for a contest. Which I lost ingloriously but since then the picture, in different versions, has started to live a life of its own. It hangs on walls, it adorns birth announcement cards and on April 9...

The skyline of Deventer with Saint Lebuinus church, the ferryboat and the new pontoon bridge seen from the Worp near the IJsselhotel

Deventer: Return of the Pontoon Bridge

A few days before Christmas, I was in Deventer once again. This time I was more lucky with the weather than a few months ago. Finally the sky looked more or less like in the images and animations that I made for the Room for the River project. And also the bank near the IJjsselhotel looked like it did in my visualizations, since the project, with the aim to reduce the risk of flooding, has recently been completed. For an optimum experience, when viewing the animation the use of headphones is recommended: The new channel From Wilhelmina Bridge, you have a nice overview of...

Graphical representation of the colorful skyline of Rotterdam, extended with sky, river Nieuwe Maas and port

A New Skyline for Rotterdam

Rotterdam Festivals uses a graphical representation of the famous skyline of the city as their logo. But such a logo is aging rapidly, especially in 2014, the year that three new landmarks were added: the Central Station, the Market Hall and De Rotterdam. So they organized a design competition for a new skyline logo with at least those three buildings in it. The prize was … nothing. Nothing? Indeed, it was only for the honor. Maybe, as a designer, you shouldn’t even want to participate, but hey, it’s for a good cause. And since I had a good idea…. Colors...