Ten Years of Digital Photography

Ten years ago I bought my first digital camera, a Canon Ixus400. A good reason to reorganize my Flickr photostream, to make a nice selection from the 30.000 pictures I’ve made since then. The last time I checked, Flickr had a maximum of 200 pictures on a free account; allright, then I just had to pick the 200 very very best ones.

Strict criteria

In order to make that large number manageable, I identified a number of themes that keep recurring in my work: trees, islands, paths and trails, reflections and shadows, and a dozen others. From each theme only twenty photographs were given access to the surpreme gallery. Meanwhile Flickr appears to have abandoned the limit so there will be a little more than 200 images, but the selection has nevertheless been extremely strict.

Millennium Park

In retrospect, it appears that the Ixus400 made rather nice pictures, like this one: the open air theater, designed by Frank Gehry in Millennium Park in Chicago, on a beautiful summer evening in 2004. You can find the whole (provisional) selection on Flickr . The collection is also available as Pinterest boards.

Open air theatre by Frank Gehry in Millennium Park, Chicago.

Open air theatre by Frank Gehry in Millennium Park, Chicago.

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