• The Street Planetarium is (a plan for) an exact model of the solar system on the scale of the city of Rotterdam. Of course, the Sun is in the center of the city on Binnenrotte square. The most remote planet, Neptune, also the god of the sea, can be found on the pier in Hook of Holland .

    On this scale, the Sun has a diameter of 8.5 meters. The sizes of the planets range from 3 (Mercury) to 87 centimeters (Jupiter). The Earth is a sphere with a diameter of eight centimeters.

    The planets are scattered throughout the city, some in the center close to the Sun, others in the suburbs. The smaller planets are embedded in large tiles, the larger planets are placed in grass lawns, or in water.

    This way, the scale of our cosmic neighborhood is made visible in a playful way, making the solar system a part of everyday life . Visitors of the market take a break on the sun's rays, parents show their children how small and fragile the Earth is, teachers make a field trip with their class to Jupiter, cyclists and hikers visit all the planets "at the speed of light."

    The Street Planetarium was conceived in 2011 as a City Initiative.

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    Dudok's Bijenkorf, Rotterdam
    Room for the River, Deventer
    European Mars Analogue Research Station
    Galecopper bridge, Utrecht
    Vatnsmyri, Reykjavik
    Koninginneplein, Venlo
    Van Kregtentunnel, Wierden

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