Ear of Corn on a Woodstrip Floor

The past two weeks I was in Orsennes, France, to do volunteerwork at Sadhaka, a small organization that offers yoga and creative holidays in and around a converted watermill. It was good to be away from internet, phone and other things that make life pleasant but sometimes also rather complicated. Besides working in the kitchen, the garden and the henhouse there was also time to take pencil, marker pen, brush or pastel and to be inspired by the abundance of flowers and plants around the Moulin:

several drawings of plants
Flowers and ears of corn…


But no matter how fun and useful it is to work with traditional techniques again, I remain very fond of the tools that the twenty-first century offers me. That became clear when I put an ear of corn, that I brought with me as a souvenir, on my woodstrip floor, took a picture of it and edited it in Photoshop. This is the image I had in mind for two weeks:

Ear of corn on a woodstrip floor
On a woodchip floor

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