3ds Max 2014: Let’s Populate!

The most useful addition in 3ds max 2014 is unquestionably the Populate Tool, which allows you to quickly add people to your scene. You can define “flows” and “idle areas”; with the first action you create streams of pedestrians who deliberately go somewhere, the second action produces areas where people are just hanging around. You can also vary the crowd intensity, the male / female ratio and the ratio between groups and singles. Other than that, the people are somewhat undefined in ethnicity, age and clothing. You should not go too close to them because then they turn into a kind of zombies but if you want to bring out a big crowd as shown here for the new Rotterdam Central Station, Populate is an ideal tool. And the best thing is: it moves!


Sitting and cycling

On my wish list for release 2015 are people sitting. And cyclists, that would be convenient too, but well, if those Americans at Autodesk will think of that…?

Frans Blok

My work explores the border regions of photography, painting and computer visuals. With my company 3Develop I do work in commission but I use the same techniques, skills and software to make free work. I am originally an architect and I live in Rotterdam; for that reason the architecture of that city is a major (but not the only) source of inspiration. But also travel to countries like Iceland and Britain, or walks in the Netherlands, provide much material. Seeing and showing quality and beauty, that is what my work is about.

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