Meerrijk Revisited – Part 1

It feels like a tour along old VHP projects. After Deventer Room for the River and Flushing’s Scheldt Quarter I went to take a look at Meerrijk. In 2001 we won the competition for the design of the center of this Eindhoven suburb. This image showed the concept:

Competition design, 2001

Design development

In the years that foloowed I frequently worked on the development of, among other things, the public space, the parking garage and one of the five building blocks:

Study for the central square

Exploded view

I also made this exploded view, showing the relations between buildings, public space and parking garage.

Meerrijk exploded

And yet, in all these years, I had never visited the site, so I was very curious. In the next post I will show the results of 13 years of planning.

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