Meerrijk Revisited – Part 2

(see also Meerrijk revisited – part 1 )

So… was I pleased or disappointed? Well, for starters, the project has not been completed yet. Of the five blocks, three have been built and a fourth one is under construction. Two towers were killed in the course of the planning process. And the connection with the adjacent park is not there yet. Yet seen from the park, the Ayers Rock reference is becoming quite obvious:

Ayers Rock in the park

Red brick

This is, of course, largely due to the red brick that has been used consistently. Too bad the street signs had to be blue:

Red bricks, blue signs


The pavement has a matching color scheme :

In front of the hangar

Flower beds

The public space is playfully decorated with flower beds :

The central square

Street furniture

… and other furniture :

Elegant street furniture

The hangar

The old hangar has been nicely integrated into the ensemble:

Biking through the hangar

Trees and daylight

And although the birches are still a bit tiny, also the idea of ​​a green and light garage after has remained intact after all this time:

Daylight in the parking garage

In short: I ‘m not disappointed. And I’ll be back in a year or two, to see Meerrijk completely finished.

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