Paintified Calypso

My exhibition, in March and April at the Nivon-building in Rotterdam, was quite successful. Especially the paintification appeared to be rather popular: photographed of Rotterdam buildings, edited into paintings. No, not by pushing the watercolor button, it’s not that simple. A wide variety of Photoshop filters, layers and adjustments are involved. I might eleborate in more detail some day.

Feyenoord colors

Their success is a good reason to make more paintifications. I want to produce larger canvases and also create series of works that belong together. Here is an example of the latter idea: a triptych dedicated to the Calypso block by architect William Alsop. A project on which the opinions differ, I know, but I like it. The three canvases show the building, which was designed in the colors of Feyenoord, from three different directions.

Calypso as seen from Westersingel
…from Schouwburgplein
…from Kruisplein

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