Pergola on the Pier

Garden on the Pier is an initiative like there are quite a few these days: a group of residents that turn a vacant piece of land into a temporary park for the neighbourhood. The Pier at stake here is the Lloyd Pier in Rotterdam which, as a consequence of the economic crisis, won’t be redeveloped as rapidly as originally envisioned. A part of the Pier can be used as a garden for several years. This is what the site currently looks like:

A vacant lot on the Lloyd Pier

Rose garden

One of the plans is the construction of a pergola against which roses can grow. Piet de Jonge made ​​the design, Jan-Willem Roelofs calculated the structure and made a 3D model in Revit. Using that model, I made ​​the following artist impression:

The Pergola on the Pier

The pergola will be made ​​entirely of recycled moorings. The start of the work, and with a bit of luck also its completion, are scheduled for Saturday, March 22.

Visualisation of a proposed pergola on Lloydpier in Rotterdam overgrown with lush digital ivy
Under the pergola

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