Rapid Nightfall – a Time-Lapse of Rotterdam

I am a big fan of time-lapse movies, with those rapidly moving people, cars, clouds and stars in breathtaking landscapes. You don’t need very specialized equipment to make them. After some study in the manual of my Nikon D5100 I discovered the shooting interval option that allows you to define exactly how many frames you want with any given interval. A tripod is of course essential, and a reasonably presentable view is also useful. And then you have to wait for the right weather for a nice evening twilight, just about halfway between a bright sky and a thick cloud cover.

Nightfall in Rotterdam

700 pictures

This movie was made out of seven hundred images, combined with the free program VirtualDub and with titles added in Adobe Premiere Pro. Just add some music from YouTube’s library and there you go … But there is still something to improve; the movie shows some annoying flickering that I do not see at other timelapses. To be continued…

Twilight over Cool district
The blue hour

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