Return to Watford – more impressions of St.Mary’s

In February I was Watford, England for a week to visualize the planned renovation of St. Mary’s church. I wrote this blog article about it.

Watford St.Mary's church - exterior


Those images, of the chancel area of the church, were primarily intended to convince the monument committee, which has now reacted positively to the plans. The church council was pleased with my pictures and they asked me to come back to also to visualize the plans for the main body of the church. And so I got back on the train to the UK.

Watford St.Mary's church interior: view from the chancel

Meeting place

The main change in the nave of the church is that, as in the chancel, the pews will be removed. They are replaced by chairs and a welcome area where the congregation can meet before and after the service. An L-shaped piece of furniture serves both as a reception desk and a table for sound and lighting.

Watford St.Mary's church interior: view from west entrance

Re-used wood carvings

Some parts of the pews, with beautiful Victorian wood carvings, are reused as wall panels in the side naves of the church. They take the place of the heating radiators, which are quite out of place in the interior and, as the whole church gets underfloor heating, are no longer needed.

Watford St.Mary's church interior: view from north entrance


Furthermore, the accessibility for disabled is enhanced by removing barriers and steps. A ramp to the stage will make also the side chapels and the adjacent offices accessible with a wheelchair. Finally, through replacing closed walls at the rear of the church by glass, cluttered corners will turn into beautiful spaces. The following animation shows the difference between the old and the new situation:

Watford St.Mary's church interior: view form south east

This was, most likely, my last working visit to Watford, at least for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, my images will contribute to a successful fundraising, making it possible for the renovation to take place in the summer of 2016.

Frans Blok

My work explores the border regions of photography, painting and computer visuals. With my company 3Develop I do work in commission but I use the same techniques, skills and software to make free work. I am originally an architect and I live in Rotterdam; for that reason the architecture of that city is a major (but not the only) source of inspiration. But also travel to countries like Iceland and Britain, or walks in the Netherlands, provide much material. Seeing and showing quality and beauty, that is what my work is about.

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