Room for the River Deventer: Almost Finished!

I had not picked the best day to go to Deventer: when I came out of the station the drizzle had just begun to turn into more serious rainfall. But I have nevertheless made a little tour across the railway bridge, past De Worp and across Wilhelminabridge, to see how the Room for the River project was progressing. The project for which I made this animation and that by now is almost finished.

Mirror pond

From the railway bridge, there’s a great view of one of the new channels that will provide a better flow during high water levels. And at the same time Deventer also has a beautifull new mirror pond:

room for the rivier deventer, the city, the channel and park De Worp

Nature reserve

On the other side of the railway bridge is the Ossenwaard nature reserve. Work is still going on here, but apart from a couple of dams which have yet to be broken, the project seems to be nearly finished here as well, as is shown in this serene picture:

room for the river deventer: the ossenwaard

Ferry Pier

At De Worp, near the IJssel Hotel, there’s still one last element to be constructed: the ferry pier which will refer to the legendary pontoon bridge which used to be located here:

Room for the River Deventer: work on the pier for the ferry

On the left is the abutment of the old pontoon bridge. The first piles have been drilled into the ground but if I want to see the work completed I have to come back in a few months. Hopefully under better weather circumstances…

UPDATE: and indeed, a few months later, the weather was much better…

Frans Blok

My work explores the border regions of photography, painting and computer visuals. With my company 3Develop I do work in commission but I use the same techniques, skills and software to make free work. I am originally an architect and I live in Rotterdam; for that reason the architecture of that city is a major (but not the only) source of inspiration. But also travel to countries like Iceland and Britain, or walks in the Netherlands, provide much material. Seeing and showing quality and beauty, that is what my work is about.

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