Rotterdam: the Edges of the Night – new expo in the Lijnbaan gallery

Since this week there’s a new exhbition of photographs from my Rotterdam collection in my Lijnbaan gallery. This didn’t happen at the expense of the permanent collection, which is still there like it has been in the last two years on the front facade of 3Develop’s premises in one of the residential building in the Lijnbaan national heritage area.

Framed photograph of Willemsbridge and White House in Rotterdam, exhibited behind a window in the Lijnbaan gallery, in which also the reflection of the Calypso building is visible
Rotterdam through various layers of glass…

Blue Hours

Unlike the permanent collection, which gives an comprehensive overview of my work, I have picked a more defined theme this time: Rotterdam on the Edges of the Night. Photos taken in the so-called blue hour before sunrise and after sunset. Despite this limitation it wasn’t easy to choose the best photos from my vast collection. Ultimately, this has become the selection:

Selection of photographs with the theme of Rotterdam on the edges of the night
Ten pieces from the blue hour collection

On site exhibition

The interesting thing is that all the photos were taken within a radius of two kilometers from the exhibition. Three pictures were even taken from the building itself. The pictures of Westersingel, Schouwburgplein and Leuvehaven were made just a stones throw away from the gallery. Old Harbour, Delfshaven, Coolhaven and Noordereiland are a bit further away but in my opinion still meet the criteria “within walking distance”.

Framed photograph of the grain elevator at the Maritime Museum, on exhibition in the 3Develop Lijnbaan gallery
Sunrise at Leuvehaven


The exhibition will on display for the foreseeable future and, of course, not only during the blue hours; please contact me in advance for a tour and coffee.

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