The Rust Maps of the Netherlands

One of the most successful works in my webshop is the World Map Rust. And also the Scrapwood Map of the Netherlands is popular. It is therefore surprising that it took so long before I came up with the idea of ​​making a rust map of the Netherlands.

The Rusty World Map as print on a wall in a colorwise matching interior
World Map Rust


Of course they’re not photos, these rust maps. They are entirely the product of my imagination. And of my laptop. I kept on fiddling with textures, filters, shadows, and other effects in Photoshop until I was satisfied.

Part of the white (RAL 9001) version of the Rust Map of the Netherlands
Rusty central Netherlands

Ral colors

I made the first version of the rusty world map with a blue ship’s hull in mind. For this map of the Netherlands I thought a cream white hull (RAL 9001, for the experts) would be nice. And just like with the world map, I also made a signal black version (RAL 9004)

Two versions of the Rust Map of the Netherlands, in white/RAL 9001 and black/RAL 9004, as prints on a wall
Cream white and signal black


With this map I certainly don’t want to go whining about the deplorable state our country is said to be in. Okay, there are all kinds of things in the Netherlands that don’t make you happy: tax authorities, gas production damage compensation, housing shortage, inflation, coal-fired power stations, barrel organs. And there are countries with slightly better weather (Portugal for example) or slightly more spectacular landscapes (Iceland). Still, if I could choose, I would immediately reincarnate to the Netherlands in a next life.

Detail of the Rust Map of the Netherlands, with colorful rust patterns in the provinces of Fryslan and Groningen
Colors and patterns


No, I just like rust. Sure, I understand that you are not happy when it occurs on your boat (or car or bicycle). But if you have an eye for it, the colors and patterns are beautiful. And there are other signs of aging that make such a ship’s hull interesting. Scratches, bubbles, pits, dirt, algae growth, leaking traces, it’s all there on the Rust Map of the Netherlands.

Detail of the Rust Map of the Netherlands, with the province of Limburg and parts of Belgium and Germany
Scratches and leaking traces


And also from a philosophical point of view it has something beautiful. Rust is nature’s way of fighting back against technology. We humans can extract iron from ore and melt it and roll it into sheet metal, but nature just wants to turn it into ore again.

Detail of the Rust Map of the Netherlands, with the provinces of Zeeland and (parts of) South Holland and North Brabant
Zealand and South-Holland in rust


Besides, for a country with such a long coastline, with so many inland waterways, with such a long maritime tradition, with so many boats, ships, vessels, barges, sloops, yachts, schooners, pontoons, and other nautical equipment, such a rusty ship’s hull as a map is rather appropriate, isn’t it?

The Rust Map of the Netherlands as print on the wall in a living room with matching colors
In a matching interior

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