The Scrapwood World Map

The scrapwood map the the provinces of the Netherlands was the most popular item in my Dutch webshop in 2018. That does not mean that the map is decorating walls in hundreds of living rooms, but it is still a modest success for this piece of virtual recycling.

The scrapwood map of the Netherlands on a wall in a room above a working table
A scrapwood map of the Netherlands

The World

After this achievement, I just had to make a world map in scrapwood as well and here it is… Just like the map of the Netherlands it was rendered in 3ds Max using digital scaffolding, plywood, planks, slats, floorboards and rusty nails.

The colors and textures were chosen quite randomly. Although: that snow (or is it paint?) on Antarctica is not entirely coincidental.

world map made of scrapwood, old planks, plywood and othe recycled material
The Scrapwood World Map


Like its predecessor, this world map is available, not only in my Dutch webshop but also worldwide, on various materials and on household items like shower curtains, pillows, duvet covers, beach towels and yoga mats . If it is going to sell just as well as its Dutch sister, I will also make a scrapwood map of Europe. That will be quite a job though, digitally jigsawing all those tiny countries.

Section of a scrapwood map of the world made of old planks, plywood and other recycled material, showing the regions around the Mediterranean Sea
Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East

The making of

The following video shows how the different parts of the map were attached to the wall. Or, well, how that would have looked if it really were scrap wood instead of digital junk. Make sure that the sound is on, it makes the movie more fun…

The Making of a Scrapwood World Map

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