Flowering Cherries in Rotterdam

Trees in the city, I love ‘m. But I’d love a little variation as well. In Rotterdam there are so many plane trees that even I, traditionally a big plane tree fan, get a little bored.

But fortunately sometimes a different species is chosen, and how beautiful that can be seen at Van Oldenbarneveltplaats. Since a few days the flowering cherries there are in bloom. The experts are not yet sure whether they’re Prunus Avium or Prunus Serrulata.

One week each year

It is a pity that the stunning beauty lasts only a week, but hey, that’s nature. And that one week’s worth it.

Flowering cherry in Rotterdam
Prunus Avium/Serrulata
Flowering cherry in Rotterdam
Cherry blossom in downtown Rotterdam
Flowering cherry in Rotterdam
Prunus, Lijnbaan and WTC
Flowering cherry in Rotterdam
I love Rotterdam…

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