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Combination of an old photo of people waiting in line in front of the Bijenkorf department store in Rotterdam with a recent image of the same location on Coolsingel

The Return of the Bijenkorf Sculpture: an Update

“The ‘Bijenkorf stone’ is coming back – perhaps”, NRC, a national newspaper with Rotterdam roots, headlined on Saturday 3 February. And indeed: there is news about the sculpture by Hendrik van den Eijnde, which from 1930 to 1960 decorated the façade of the old Bijenkorf department store, designed by architect W.M. Dudok. The sculpture is currently hidden in a place that doesn’t really do it justice: the Bijenkorf’s logistic center in Woerden. But as the only remnant of the architectural masterpiece that was so ruthlessly demolished in 1960, it deserves a location in the center of Rotterdam, preferably as close… Read More

Photo made in May 2015 of the Room for the River project in Nijmegen, showing the work on progress on the new channel and the Promenade Bridge

Work in Progress: Room for the River, Nijmegen

About five years ago, when employed at Royal HaskoningDHV, I worked on the Room for the River project near Nijmegen. Perhaps the most radical of all the projects in the national Room for the River program. Near the village/neighbourhood of Lent a new channel is created, cutting off the inside bend of the river Waal, resulting in a new island: Veur-Lent. Among other things, I made this animation. Suggested soundtrack: “This is your Lent” by Simple Minds on. Stills from the film were used to inform the public about the project like on these information cubes: Last Friday I was… Read More

Photo of a chestnut tree near Lijnbaan in the center of Rotterdam, made beginning of May, when the tree is in full leaf

My Favourite Tree – a Springtime Animation

My favorite tree is a chestnut in the park in front of my apartment at the Lijnbaan in downtown Rotterdam. Every spring I am amazed about the speed with which nature operates. Within a few weeks time a metamorphosis takes place: the barren tree gets buds, leaves and a short time later flowers which then also pretty quickly disappear. Last year, during the months of March, April and May, I took a photo every day at nine a.m. from the walkway in front of my appartment on the sixth floor. In a perfect situation I’d use a weathertight protected fixed… Read More

Evening has fallen over Rotterdam; still from a time lapse movie with a dark blue sky over the Old West and Erasmus Medical Centre

Rapid Nightfall – a Time-Lapse of Rotterdam

I am a big fan of time-lapse movies, with those rapidly moving people, cars, clouds and stars in breathtaking landscapes. You don’t need very specialized equipment to make them. After some study in the manual of my Nikon D5100 I discovered the shooting interval option that allows you to define exactly how many frames you want with any given interval. A tripod is of course essential, and a reasonably presentable view is also useful. And then you have to wait for the right weather for a nice evening twilight, just about halfway between a bright sky and a thick cloud… Read More

People from 3ds max populate the new Rotterdam central station.

3ds Max 2014: Let’s Populate!

The most useful addition in 3ds max 2014 is unquestionably the Populate Tool, which allows you to quickly add people to your scene. You can define “flows” and “idle areas”; with the first action you create streams of pedestrians who deliberately go somewhere, the second action produces areas where people are just hanging around. You can also vary the crowd intensity, the male / female ratio and the ratio between groups and singles. Other than that, the people are somewhat undefined in ethnicity, age and clothing. You should not go too close to them because then they turn into a… Read More