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Computerbeeld van duizend windmolens en een traditioneel zeilschip op de Noordzee, terwijl de laagstaande avond zon net achter een wolk vandaan komt.

3000 Windmills on the Wall

We’re on a planet that is close to its primary and has a molten core, a substantial atmosphere, and a large natural satellite. Any species that can’t develop a sustainable energy infrastructure on such a planet doesn’t deserve to escape its gravity well. This quote from my friend Shaun Moss tells exactly what it is all about: we could be much worse off. If that star would be further away solar panels would be useless, without the atmosphere there is no wind, if that core has cooled you can forget geothermal energy and without such a decent size moon like ours tidal power… Read More

Visualisation of one thousand wind turbines and a little maintenance vessel on the North Sea

One Thousand Windmills on the Northsea

In the next ten years, 1000 wind turbines will be placed on the Dutch part of the North Sea. That looks a bit like this; you are welcome to count them… UPDATE: 3000 Windmills on the Wall