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Thirteen pieces of space art by Frans Blok, framed and ready for an exhibition

World Maps and Space Art Exhibited

Over a year ago, I was asked if I wanted to have an exhibition of my work in the entrance hall of the RIVM, the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in Bilthoven. At that time, I had only a vague idea of the existence of that institute. But then first the emissions of nitrogen by agriculture and industry created a kind of national crisis in which the institute played a pivotal role. And after that the covid-19 pandemic came upon us. By now, there is probably nobody in the country who has never heard of RIVM.… Read More

Selection of photographs with the theme of Rotterdam on the edges of the night

Rotterdam: the Edges of the Night – new expo in the Lijnbaan gallery

Since this week there’s a new exhbition of photographs from my Rotterdam collection in my Lijnbaan gallery. This didn’t happen at the expense of the permanent collection, which is still there like it has been in the last two years on the front facade of 3Develop’s premises in one of the residential building in the Lijnbaan national heritage area. Blue Hours Unlike the permanent collection, which gives an comprehensive overview of my work, I have picked a more defined theme this time: Rotterdam on the Edges of the Night. Photos taken in the so-called blue hour before sunrise and after… Read More

Interior photo of the bridge keepers cabin of the Orange Bridge in Schiedam, during the Dudok exhibition with photos and drawings of Dudok's Rotterdam Bijenkorf

Dudok exhibition in Schiedam: the Bijenkorf triptych and more…

During the weekend of 2 and 3 July I organized an exhibition, together with Jan Sluijter, in the cutest (and probably the smallest) art gallery of Schiedam: the bridge keepers cabin of the Orange Bridge across the New Harbour. The photo exhibition was dedicated to the architecture of Willem Marinus Dudok. We had a good occasion for that: two hundred meters from the venue is one of Dudok’s creations: the HAV Bank, currently in use as a residential building. The exhibition was, admittedly, mostly focussed on one building: the old Rotterdam Bijenkorf. We had a lot of material about that… Read More

Image of the Rotterdam Skyline on exhibition in the Lijnbaan Gallery on 3Develop premises, with in the background the real Rotterdam Skyline

Lijnbaan Gallery

In Dutch, the word for gallery is almost the same as the name for the walkway that connects the apartments in a highrise building. I had to do something with that coincidence. Added to that, I suddenly became aware of a curious contradiction. I am active on at least seven social media, but my home was not exactly recognizable as a stronghold of creativity. Time to make 3Develop more visible in the real world. I made a representative selection of my work and had it printed on canvas. I only had to conceive a smart, low-budget exhibition system and clean… Read More

Exhibition of images of Dudok's Bijenkorf department store at the Nivon cafe in Rotterdam

Exhibition in/about Rotterdam

Yesterday my exhibition in the cafe in the Nivon building in Rotterdam started. The theme of the exhibition is the architecture and history of Rotterdam; on display are the three images of the old Bijenkorf bij architect Dudok, the panorama of Schouwburgplein and a series of digital paintings showing various locations in the city. The works are exhibited at the Nivon untill the end of april. UPDATE: More exhibitions with my work: at the Oranjebrug gallery in Schiedam and at the RIVM in Bilthoven.