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Front facade of the Green Pyramid, a radically sustainable house in Borne, The Netherlands: a modest entry to a surprisingly generous space

The Green Pyramid: Radically Sustainable

The Bornsche Maten is a new neighborhood in the municipality of Borne, the Netherlands. In the southern part there’s room for the so-called “Living Wild”-concept: building without restrictive rules, giving the buyer the right to determine the size of the lot and the freedom to choose which style of living suits him or her. There is still room for ten to twenty houses. In a design competition builders and architects were challenged to share their creative approach to living in the 21st century. A jury has reviewed the 39 submissions on originality, comfort, sustainability and innovation; ultimately they selected 18… Read More

Artist impression of proposed pergola on the Lloydpier in Rotterdam

Pergola on the Pier

Garden on the Pier is an initiative like there are quite a few these days: a group of residents that turn a vacant piece of land into a temporary park for the neighbourhood. The Pier at stake here is the Lloyd Pier in Rotterdam which, as a consequence of the economic crisis, won’t be redeveloped as rapidly as originally envisioned. A part of the Pier can be used as a garden for several years. This is what the site currently looks like: Rose garden One of the plans is the construction of a pergola against which roses can grow. Piet… Read More

Stereo image of a walled city garden, with a pond, grass and a little terrace; a red and cyan pair of 3d glasses is needed to see the effect

Anaglyph: Stereo Effect in Red and Cyan

An anaglyph is a method of viewing a three-dimensional effect on a flat medium: a photo or a screen. There are several techniques to achieve that stereo effect. Motion pictures nowadays often work with polarized light. Chances are you’ve seen Harry Potter, Avatar or Dune that way. Red and Cyan The anaglyph method is much older. Movies were made using this technique as early as the 1950s. In an anaglyph, two images are superimposed; the image for the left eye in red, the image for the right eye in cyan. So, just like with those cinema films, you always need… Read More