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Screenshot of the WordPress dashboard with a post about WordPress plug-ins under construction

WordPress: my favorite plug-ins (and a theme)

WordPress is the most widely used content management system on the internet. If only I had known it when I started my own company 3Develop in 2013. At that time I’ve put a lot of time and energy into building my own website. I already knew a thing or two about html and php and with some modern stuff like css and jquery I managed to build a digital billboard that I was quite happy with. Complexity The disadvantage of this approach is that small adjustments, for example adding new work, take a relatively long time. With a relatively static… Read More

Tweet about railway station Rotterdam Blaak, mainly in blue and yellow, the colors of Dutch Railways

Twitter’s temporary decline?

I quietly started a tour along the social media. Previously I wrote about Instagram and Pinterest; today I want to talk about Twitter. The springtime with all its tweeting birds is an appropriate season for that, isn’t it? Toptweets And just like those two previous articles, I wanted to illustrate this blog post with my most successful tweets. But unfortunately, Twitter’s analytics have their limitations. You can view your statistics per period of up to three months. And then you can only rank the toptweets by number of impressions (and not, for example, by retweets or likes). The pictures in… Read More

Overview of all the Pinterest boards by Frans Blok/3Develop: webshops, photography, artist impressions, digital art and inspiration

Pinterest for Self-Employed Creatives

Of all the social media that emerged over the last few years Pinterest doesn’t seem to have a very cool reputation. The digital pin board is suffering of an image problem: it is thought to be populated primarily by elderly women who use it to exchange knitting patterns. There is of course nothing wrong with that. But apparently as a social medium you’re only taken seriously when you’re used by trendy food vloggers (Instagram), bored adolescents (Snapchat) or populist politicians (Twitter). Visual But on reflection Pinterest appears to have a much more diverse group of users. Women are, indeed, the majority, but one-third of all… Read More

36 photo's from Frans Blok's Instagram account

The Instagram top 7 – my most popular images

How do you find out what your most liked photos on Instagram are? I expected a button somewhere that would provide that information. Unfortunately, it turns out that there are only some apps that can do the job but they have their limitations. The only way is to go through all of your photos, manually write down the markings and put them in the right order. Instagram is a social medium that you can’t afford to ignore as a photographer and / or visualisor. But I had to get used to it, one and a half years ago when I… Read More

De auteur in een fictieve aflevering van zomergasten, met op de achtergrond een still uit de film over de Bijenkorf van Dudok, spiegelend in het water rond de caravan

A Summer Guest in October

Every year in July and August there’s a show, made by VPRO on Dutch television, called Zomergasten (Summer Guests). From eight till eleven PM one guest shows and talks about his favorite television clips. The guests can be anyone, from the prime minister or celebrities from the world of entertainment to scientists or designers who are largely unknown outside their own field of expertise. Whining about the program is a kind of national sport. The skills of the host, the selection of guests and the fragments they choose, the occasions in which everyone is enthousiastic are very rare. One would… Read More

Instagram profile of Frans Blok - 3Develop a few days after its creation in early 2015

Social Media: Two More

Actually, I had planned to leave it at Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook (business and private), Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Flickr and Behance, for the time being. Don’t get me wrong: I am very happy with all those social media because of the opportunities they offer me to show what I am doing and to get in touch with potential customers. Ten years ago I’d have to spend a fortune on advertisements in newspapers and magazines. But since you do not want to do the same on every medium, it takes a lot of time. So sometimes one has to draw a line.… Read More

View of the future breakwater islands in the IJssel river near Deventer, part of the Room for the River project

Islands in the Stream

Stentor was, in Greek mythology, a herald with a loud voice who served in the Greek army at Troy. De Stentor is also the regional newspaper of Deventer and surroundings. Island breakwaters On April 12th, de Stentor published this image, made by 3Develop, to illustrate an article about the island breakwaters that will be made in the IJssel river: Innovation The island breakwaters are part of the Room for the River project that aims to enhance the flow of water in the IJssel, in order to prevent flooding. They are an innovative way to ensure that the channel does not… Read More