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Digitally generated satellite image of the Earth, with Europe, and more specifically the Netherlands, in the center

Is There Really No Planet B?

It’s a popular theme in science fiction: the quest for a new Earth, because the old one is becoming uninhabitable, usually due to human interventions. Sometimes the idea is elaborated in a somewhat ironic manner, like in the unsurpassed Dutch series Missie Aarde (Mission Earth), in which the Netherlands take the lead because it’s the only country not under water thanks to its dykes. Sometimes it’s dead serious, as in the movie Interstellar, in which drought, dust storms and crop failures make the need for a new world urgent. Spare world When you realize how much effort it takes to… Read More

The names of all bodies in the Solar System larger than 100 kilometres, with font sizes relative to their radius, based on the realistic colors of the objects against the black background of space

87 Members of the Solar Family

A while ago I made a family portrait of the solar system. Or rather a portrait of the leading members of the family, the eight planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Earth, Venus, Mars and Mercury. Moons, asteroids and dwarf planets But there’s more happening around the Sun. Moons for instance; our own Moon, of course, but also a large number of satellites of the four gas giants. There is an asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter where, besides a lot of little ones, also bigger objects are turning their rounds. But many asteroids can be found outside… Read More

Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in June 2015, seen from downtown Rotterdam, with a prominent position in the image for the Calypso building and the Schouwburg

Jupiter, Venus and Rotterdam

The 3Develop-offices always have a great view but on the evening of June 30, 2015  a very special spectacle was waiting for me when I came home. Although after ten p.m.  it was still not completely dark. On the northwestern sky I saw two stars close together: a bright one and very bright one. Apparent conjunction If you see such bright stars from the city center  it’s almost certain that they are not stars but planets. And indeed: they were Jupiter and Venus and their apparent conjunction, was one of the most beautiful celestial phenomena of this year. Of course I immediately grabbed my camera… Read More