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Map of the Netherlands made out of scrapwood, rotated 20 degrees anticlockwise, with next to it the Dutch lion as a recessed surface in the concrete of the wall

How to Crop a Country – The Netherlands in Scrapwood

Sometimes, when I’m struggling with a design issue, I ask the Facebook panel for advice. Social media are a blessing for a freelancer: since I no longer work in an open-plan office, I cannot easily ask a few colleagues what they think. In those cases, therefore, I ask my Facebook friends for their opinion. Scrap wood Recently the panel helped me with the important issue of the scap wood map of the Netherlands. An interesting piece of digital recycling: a map of my country made of old boards, slats, boxes, scaffolding wood, plywood, floor boards and similar scrap. Whitespace But… Read More

Screenshot of the WordPress dashboard with a post about WordPress plug-ins under construction

WordPress: my favorite plug-ins (and a theme)

Four years ago, when I started my own company, 3Develop, I spent a lot of time building my own website. I had some experience: at the end of the nineties, with some simple html knowledge, I made a website for myself and for the Dutch chapter of the Mars Society. There have been a lot of developments in web design in the first years of the 21st century. I had to dive into new stuff like css and jquery but after that I managed to build a digital shopwindow that I was, and still am, happy with. Small changes, like… Read More

Tweet about railway station Rotterdam Blaak, mainly in blue and yellow, the colors of Dutch Railways

Twitter’s temporary decline?

I quietly started a tour along the social media. Previously I wrote about Instagram and Pinterest; today I want to talk about Twitter. The springtime with all its tweeting birds is an appropriate season for that, isn’t it? Toptweets And just like those two previous articles, I wanted to illustrate this blog post with my most successful tweets. But unfortunately, Twitter’s analytics have their limitations. You can view your statistics per period of up to three months. And then you can only rank the toptweets by number of impressions (and not, for example, by retweets or likes). The pictures in… Read More

Overview of all the Pinterest boards by Frans Blok/3Develop: webshops, photography, artist impressions, digital art and inspiration

Pinterest for Self-Employed Creatives

Of all the social media that emerged over the last few years Pinterest doesn’t seem to have a very cool reputation. The digital pin board is suffering of an image problem: it is thought to be populated primarily by elderly women who use it to exchange knitting patterns. There is of course nothing wrong with that, but apparentlyas a social medium you’re only taken seriously when you’re used by trendy food vloggers (Instagram), bored adolescents (Snapchat) or populist politicians (Twitter). Visual But on reflection Pinterest appears to have a much more diverse group of users. Women are, indeed, the majority, but one-third of all pinners… Read More

A delicious apple pie with nuts and raisins, baked for the launch party of 3Develop

Launch Party with Apple Pie

When you call your company 3Develop and you were already planning to start a few weeks before Christmas, December 3rd is of course the best day. 3Develop, 3 December, you will never forget that date. Launch Baking pies is not part of 3Develop’s core business. And yet the first product was an apple pie that was cut on December 3 at about three o’clock at the launch party of the new company. The pie, in which the 3Develop logo was incorporated, tasted excellent. It was suggested on social media that it was burned but no, I would rather describe it… Read More