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Axonometric drawing of the Moulin d'Orsennes, an old water mill in France which has been transformed into a center for courses and holidays related to yoga and arts

Axonometrie du Moulin d’Orsennes

Just like last year I’ve spent a few weeks in Orsennes this summer, to do volunteer work at Sadhaka. A beautiful place in central France, where creative, yoga and massage courses are given in and around a beautifully converted watermill. Besides the work in the kitchen, plenty of time remained to experiment with crayons, pencil and watercolor. It may sound like professional deformation that as a subject I mainly  looked at the architectural, urbanistic and landscaping context of the Moulin and the adjacent buildings. But it resulted in some nice drawings, as shown above. A computer-generated sketch Creative teacher Patricia Benjamins challenged me to make a kind… Read More

Images of Gouda cheese combined with sketches of houses and town hall at Gouda's market square, as part of a proposal for a Welcome Wall near the railway station

A City of Cheese

The City Marketing board of Gouda (yes, home of the famous cheese) recently organized a design competition for a Welcome Wall, composed of canvases with a height of 4 meters and a total length of 63 meters. The structure is going to beautify a windowless wall next to the station. It should, according the contest conditions, evoke a warm and positive image of the city. Cheese and history Typical Gouda themes like cheese and cultural history should find their way into the design. I took that last condition quite literally by combining images of all types of Gouda cheese with… Read More

Paintified close-up of the Calypso building in Rotterdam by William Alsop as seen from Westersingel

Paintified Calypso

My exhibition, in March and April at the Nivon-building in Rotterdam, was quite successful. Especially the paintification appeared to be rather popular: photographed of Rotterdam buildings, edited into paintings. No, not by pushing the watercolor button, it’s not that simple. A wide variety of Photoshop filters, layers and adjustments are involved. I might eleborate in more detail some day. Feyenoord colors Their success is a good reason to make more paintifications. I want to produce larger canvases and also create series of works that belong together. Here is an example of the latter idea: a triptych dedicated to the Calypso… Read More