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View of Meerrijk shopping centre, Eindhoven, The Netherlands as seen from the adjacent park which is partly still under construction

Meerrijk Revisited – Part 2

(see also Meerrijk revisited – part 1 ) So… was I pleased or disappointed? Well, for starters, the project has not been completed yet. Of the five blocks, three have been built and a fourth one is under construction. Two towers were killed in the course of the planning process. And the connection with the adjacent park is not there yet. Yet seen from the park, the Ayers Rock reference is becoming quite obvious: Red brick This is, of course, largely due to the red brick that has been used consistently. Too bad the street signs had to be blue:… Read More

infographic of the design for Meerrijk, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, showing the stacked layers of buildings, vegetation, public space, stairs and elevators, construction and parking

Meerrijk Revisited – Part 1

It feels like a tour along old VHP projects. After Deventer Room for the River and Flushing’s Scheldt Quarter I went to take a look at Meerrijk. In 2001 we won the competition for the design of the center of this Eindhoven suburb. This image showed the concept: Design development In the years that foloowed I frequently worked on the development of, among other things, the public space, the parking garage and one of the five building blocks: Exploded view I also made this exploded view, showing the relations between buildings, public space and parking garage. And yet, in all… Read More

Overview of the renovated Perry-dock in Flushing, the Netherlands

Return to Flushing, part 1

(see also Return to Flushing, part 2) On Sunday March 16th Dutch Railways offered free travel for everybody who showed the book that Tommy Wieringa wrote for the Books Week. A great opportunity to take a look in Flushing again. A mere two hours travel from Rotterdam, spend mainly reading the book. Around 2006, I worked on the plans that VHP made for the site of the shipyard De Schelde. A promising and ambitious project for this area bordering downtown Flushing, reusing many historical features. Renovation of Perry’s Dock Now, eight years later, the developments still need to get going.… Read More