View of Rotterdam, from De Rotterdam

A few weeks ago I was visiting friends who are living in De Rotterdam. In the late nineties, employed at OMA, I’ve been working on the design of that building. Now, fifteen years later, it’s finally finished and it draws the attention of the world.

Manual focus

The view was, even on the fourteenth floor, not even halfway to the top, allready pretty overwhelming. Of course I had brought my camera. I had just forgotten that my lens was still on manual focus. And then of course I should do some manual focussing.

As a result the panoramic image I made was unfortunately not quite as sharp as it should have been. But with a combination of Photoshop filters, I nevertheless managed to turn it into a pretty picture. For the experts: colored pencil, palette knife, coutout, spatter, glowing edges and threshold.

View from the Rotterdam building
Rotterdam by moonlight

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