Vintage Postcards of Rotterdam in the Twenties

This blog post is made for growth. A few years ago I produced a series of artificially aged postcards of Rotterdam, seemingly from a bygone era but with contemporary landmarks such as the Markthal, Central Station and Erasmus Bridge. In the meantime, a new generation of architectural highlights is under construction or just completed and that called for a new series of vintage postcards.

There are still fences, scaffolding, site huts or other disfiguring elements around a number of those projects, so I’ll have to wait for the right time to strike. I will place the new additions to the series on this page as soon as I have dug them up from Photoshop’s aging bath; the collection will therefore gradually grow in the coming years.

Fenix and the Whoremonger

These new old postcards are usually most successful when they contain both old and new elements, because in that case the alienating effect is the strongest. That condition has been taken care of at Fenix ​​1 in Katendrecht, a monumental hundred-year-old warehouse that was topped with a spectacular residential building to a design by Mei Architects. That addition looks, especially on this postcard, as if it has been there for much longer than a few years. In the warehouse itself is room for retail and hospitality (the Fenix ​​Food Factory) and culture (Conny Janssen Danst and Codarts)

In the foreground we see Rijnhaven harbour and Rijnhaven bridge. The latter, nicknamed the Whoremonger as a reference to the illustrious past of Katendrecht, dates from 2012 and looks unmistakably 21st century, but is by no means out of place in this quasi-historical scene.

Artificially aged postcard of the renovated and extended Fenix Warehouse in Rotterdam Katendrecht with in the foreground Rijnhaven harbour and Rijnhaven Bridge, nicknamed the Whore Runner
Warehouse, bridge and harbour

Forum Rotterdam

It is not everyone’s favorite recent project, Forum Rotterdam. And to be honest: I would also have preferred to see the giant cube that my former employer OMA presented for this location in 2008. Apparently, that plan faced some headwinds from the zeitgeist because over the years it was steadily cut back until there was nothing left but patching up the existing buildings and filling in the remaining space with a Primark store.

On the other hand: the monumental bank building on Coolsingel, including the Donner bookshop, has been beautifully renovated. And about that residential tower, with its hanging balconies, formerly the office colossus of ABN Amro: you may not think it’s very pretty but you should have seen it before the make-over.

Artificially aged vintage postcard in style of the 1950's, with Coolsingel boulvard, Koopgoot shopping mall and Forum Rotterdam
Forum and Coolsingel

Coming soon

The following projects are on my to-do list:

  • Little C.
  • Coolsingel (when all the pavement stones have been laid)
  • The Depot, or the collection building of the Boymans museum
  • Residential towers The Muse, Casanova and OurDomain at the Wijnhaven
  • Boompjes and the Terraced Tower
  • The new pavilion of the Maritime Museum at the Leuvehaven
  • The Zalmhaven tower

In the meantime, here is once again the earlier series of old postcards:

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