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Welcome to my webshop, featuring a selection of unique artworks to hang on your wall: photos, artist impressions, spherical and tubular panoramas, collages, reliefs, graphic work, digital paintings, space art, and more.

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My shop, powered by Art Heroes, ships to 18 European countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lituania, Italy, Spain and Portugal. In some cases shipping to other countries is possible but if you’re in the USA or Canada, my American webshop may be a better option.

The Rotterdam skyline, in sepia hues, as print on a wall
The skyline of Rotterdam, in sepia tones, as wall art The Rotterdam skyline in sepia

Since 2014

My webshop, or my online gallery, as I lovingly call it, has been in existence since 2014. Since then, hundreds of art lovers have found something to their liking. My work decorates countless walls both in the Netherlands and abroad. From Rotterdam to Osnabrück, and from Groningen to Minot, North Dakota.

Botanical artwork "Dyson Sphere" on canvas in a wooden frame in a modern and light interior in a beautiful, green and water-rich landscape in the Netherlands
“Dyson Sphere” on framed canvas

Dimensions and materials

You can find a suitable piece of artwork for every wall in and around the house. Whether it’s the living room or kitchen, children’s room or office, garden or balcony, mancave, study or guest room, there’s always an image that fits. All sizes, from 20 centimeters to wall-filling, are possible, custom-printed in superb quality. And the choice of materials is overwhelming; let’s take a look at all of them (please note that some materials may not be available in your country)

Modern interior with lots of white and wood with a print of a satellite picture of the Earth on the wall
The Earth on the wall

Canvas and Poster

Canvas is a commonly used material. The artwork is printed on bright white poly-cotton canvas and stretched tightly over a wooden frame. As an additional option, a wooden frame in white, black, or natural colors can be added around it. Or, for a daring choice, a “golden” decorative frame.

Photographic prints, also known as posters, are popular as well. Heavy satin 260-gram photo paper is used for this purpose. It is printed with high-quality ink that is resistant to ultraviolet light.

Print on canvas of Willems bridge, the Old Harbour and the White House, positioned against a wall awaiting placement
The Old Harbour in Rotterdam on canvas

HD Metal, aluminum, or acrylic glass

Artwork on HD Metal is directly printed on a solid aluminum plate. The print comes with a hanging profile that creates a spatial effect, making the artwork appear to float a bit in front of the wall. Also noteworthy: this product is suitable for outdoor display.

Aluminum, also known as dibond, ensures nothing less than museum quality. Prints on photo paper are bonded to sturdy aluminum panels. The finish can be matte or glossy, according to preference. And once again, there is a spatial, floating effect.

Opting for an acrylic glass print gives you the best of the best on your wall. The artwork is printed on high-quality photo paper and placed behind acrylic glass, enhancing the colors and details to their fullest extent.

Print on acrylic glass of a digital painting of a sunset at lake Myvatn, Iceland, on a white wall in a room with a view of a garden
Print of Iceland in a sunny room

Framed prints

You can also have prints on photo paper framed. The frames are made of wood in four different colors (black, dark brown, white, and natural) or aluminum. For a more luxurious touch, a passe-partout in the colors off-white, pure white, or black can be added. A glossy glass plate in the frame completes the look.

Corner detail of a colorful botanic artwork in a wooden frame on a wall
Corner detail of a framed print

Outdoor canvas

Wall decoration doesn’t have to be limited to the interior. There are walls outside that can brighten up with a photo or another artwork. That’s why there is outdoor canvas, made of weather-resistant quality materials. It is stretched over a wooden frame that has undergone a special treatment to withstand rain and moisture. And to prevent rust stains, even the staples are given an extra treatment.

Cat on a brick garden wall decorated with a colorful abstract print
Art and cat

Art Frame

If you’re experiencing echo in your home or office, Art Frame is a great solution. The artwork can be printed on fabric up to a size of 6 by 3 meters. The fabric is stretched in an aluminum frame using a rubber strip. Optionally, a sound-absorbing panel can be placed behind the fabric. This not only makes the wall more beautiful but also improves the acoustics. And another advantage: when you get tired of the artwork, you can order a new print and attach it to the same frame.

The World Map Rust, printed on acoustic material, in an interior with plants and a couch
Art Frame with the World Map Rust

Round prints

A very special eye-catcher in my webshop is a round print, available in diameters ranging from 40 to 140 centimeters. Not every artwork is suitable for this format, of course. But for example, all pieces from my Kaleidoscopia collection work well as round prints. The Rotterdam Scrapwood Map, as shown below, is also a great fit.

There are two options. The first is forex, a material consisting of plastic sheets with a foam core and a white edge. In total the package is 3 millimeters thick, and the hanging system also creates a floating effect.

The other option is a round print on seamless wallpaper. The artwork is printed on a flexible plastic called airtex, which is easy to apply to the wall. These prints are washable and, therefore, very suitable for bathrooms or kitchens as well.

Round print of the Scrapwood Map of Rotterdam on a somewhat rough wall
The round Rotterdam Scrapwood Map


Sometimes you want a work to cover an entire wall. And that’s possible too! All the artwork in my webshop can be printed on wallpaper. There are two types available: seamless wallpaper and wallpaper in strips. The latter is 120-gram tear-resistant and shrink-proof non-woven wallpaper. Applying it is easy: apply glue to the wall and attach the wallpaper strips one by one.

The seamless wallpaper is made of a sturdy and flexible plastic and can be delivered in heights up to five meters. It is extremely durable and can even be cleaned with detergent without damaging the print.

Modern interior with furniture and floor in grey tones and a photo of a forest in summer as wallpaper
Summer forest as wallpaper

Art Heroes

I have outsourced the payment, printing, and delivery to the professionals at Art Heroes or, as we call it in the Netherlands, Werk aan de Muur. For over ten years, this award-winning platform has guaranteed quality and customer friendliness. Payments can be easily and securely made via Ideal, Paypal, Credit Card, or Klarna.

Framed print of an "old" vintage postcard of Rijnhaven bridge and Fenix warehouse in the Rotterdam neighbourhood of Katendrecht
Framed postcard of the Fenix warehouse

The collection

So here’s the whole collection of my webshop. It now contains more than a thousand works and is still growing. If a work is missing, send me an email; I will add that work, if possible.

Browse all works below or view one of the albums: Kaleidoscopia | World Maps | Other Maps | Reliefs | Monochrome | Vintage Postcards | Space Art | Grafisch werk | Spring | Summer | Autumn | Winter | Animals | Landscapes | Cities | The Edges of the Night | France | Great Britain | Iceland – Photos | Impressions of Iceland | Rotterdam – Photos | Rotterdam – Miscellaneous | Water Reflections | Extra Wide | Little Planets | Rust | Textures | Artist impressions | Reflectifications | Paintifications | Winter Impressions | Flags | Miscellaneous | New Works | Popular Works

A gallery wall with a large variety of artworks in various sizes and printed on various materials. As well as a cat.
Gallery wall with a cross section of the artwork in the webshop