Work in Progress: Room for the River, Nijmegen

About five years ago, when employed at Royal HaskoningDHV, I worked on the Room for the River project near Nijmegen. Perhaps the most radical of all the projects in the national Room for the River program. Near the village/neighbourhood of Lent a new channel is created, cutting off the inside bend of the river Waal, resulting in a new island: Veur-Lent.

Among other things, I made this animation. Suggested soundtrack: “This is your Lent” by Simple Minds on. Stills from the film were used to inform the public about the project like on these information cubes:

Cube with images and text about Room for the River Nijmegen
This is your Lent

Last Friday I was in Nijmegen again, for the first time in a while. The work is in full swing; the area near Lent starts to look like the animation:

Room for the River Nijmegen: the new channel
Digging the new channel

Below we see the new channel, with on the left the quay of Lent and on the right, outside of the image, Veur-Lent and the city of Nijmegen. In the background the extended Waal Bridge is visible; more on the foreground is the Promenade Bridge.

Room for the River Nijmegen: work on the embankment near Lent
Channel, quay and bridge

The embankment of Lent, the subject of much study, begins to take shape. This will soon be a great place to look out on the new channel, the island and the city of Nijmegen, on beautiful summer evenings.

Room for the River Nijmegen: the embankment near Lent
The embankment is taking shape

De Promenade Bridge between Lent and the new island is almost finished:

Room for the River Nijmegen: the Promenade Bridge
Promenade bridge

In the second quarter of 2016 the works should be completed. I’ll be back next year!

UPDATE: As promised, I went back to Nijemgen the next springtime. And I wrote this post about that visit.

Other Room for the River projects: DeventerNoordwaard – IJsseldelta

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